Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Pointedly Defined Clouds in the Sky

It's not by any means the weekend and I stirred early...what an abnormal circumstance! Boisterous applauds of thunder and splendid flashes of lightening stirred me early today. There is something serene and delicate around a wild rainstorm; as I lay in couch, under the spreads, it felt great to realize that the storm was going full speed ahead outside, yet I was tucked agreeably in quaint little inn have, notwithstanding the call of the workplace, dozed in for a considerable length of time.

There's a flimsy sky outside at the beginning of today, yet I as of now see prove the storms are passing. Ash & blue & white mists, all pointedly characterized and extreme, are moving over the sky, leaving clear, crip air behind. I've as of now been outside and the coolness of the morning is satisfying; if it would stay along  these  lines I would be glad, yet this is Dallas and the day will warm and the air will get to be steamy.

For the present, however, the skies of Dallas are satisfying. The air is cool, the brutality of urban contamination has been washed from the sky, and all is right with the universe of a geezer.

This may be the last blog for momentarily, contingent upon the accessibility of Internet access from my journal machine in Dubrovnik. I leave tomorrow morning for Boston, with my wife, to visit her sister...then, Sunday evening I load up a plane for Amsterdam, changing there for a flight to Frankfurt, and changing there for a flight to Dubrovnik. Hurry, surge, surge, with little time between flights. Would that I could destroy it moderate movement, sparing myself the anxiety. In any case it will be fun, regardless. In the event that I can blog from Dubrovnik, I will. If not, I will record my encounters on my hip-pocket notepad and will record my encounters on this site upon my return.